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Urban Home & Garden Tours Amsterdam was founded in 2000 by Andre Ancion. We started as a small team and initially focused purely on canal houses and gardens Amsterdam's best kept secret! But soon we decided we couldn't keep all those other interesting facts to ourselves: the 17th- to 20th-century canal house architecture and interior design, the French etiquette of the nouveau rich not forgetting the splendid meals and colourful family stories and gossips!

Did you know that Amsterdam has its own architectural style?
It started in the early 20th century and is called the Amsterdam School style. We show you the highlights elaborate brickwork, organic shapes and eccentric towers.

For the green-fingered, a garden designer can give lectures on the history of Dutch gardens, 17th-century 'Tulipmania', or the discovery of Dutch elm disease. Alternatively, join one of our museum tours to discover the fascinating history behind the flourishing 'Golden Age' when the country experienced a climax in trade, power and art.

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